Welcome to the Hollywood Crowd

We are a "Crowd" dedicated to leveling the playing field in Hollywood. We all know that Hollywood has traditionally been an almost impenetrable system, not open to most of us. Many voices are excluded and unrepresented, leaving compelling stories unwritten and talent untapped and lost.

Our mission is to use "crowd-sourcing" and social media technology to break open the doors of Hollywood and to give a voice to the excluded and unrepresented. We will provide undiscovered writers, directors and other talent an opportunity to prove their abilities by using a three step strategy:

Our Strategy


We will sponsor writing and filmmaking competitions, open to all, with our members (i.e., the “Crowd”) selecting the best submissions.


We will produce "mini-pilots" based on winning submissions to give life to these stories and to test their potential as TV or film concepts.

As part of our "Crowd", you can submit your own work to a contest, review/judge submissions of other members, post your own creative resume, and champion site projects that you love. You will have a voice in what programming is viewed on televisions across the country and what films are shown in theaters.

To help ensure your success, Hollywood Crowd will also offer educational resources to teach you how TV and film content is written, shot, edited and marketed. We want to give our members a solid foundation from which to grow in the industry.

Together, as part of a large, digital-savvy crowd, we will no longer be ignored. Together we will revolutionize Hollywood and break down barriers.

We are currently under construction, but join our e-mail list now and become part of Hollywood Crowd.